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Pay per click advertising is a marketing channel we use to get our clients quick wins. Pay per click advertising is the reason why search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc exist. Their biggest source of income is from businesses who utilize the power of online marketing by advertising on their platform. Social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter also provide pay per click advertising options.

If you know which platform to use for your marketing efforts and you combine it with a well laid out call to action page or website, then you will see a significant increase in qualified leads coming your way. There’s more…

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Let’s face it. Without new business coming in, your business will die. It may be a slow painful death or a quick dramatic death. But EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS NEW BLOOD. It is imperative to have a marketing strategy in place that will help you to fill up your pipeline on a continuous basis.

We specialize in driving qualified leads to your business. We focus on a variety of business niches and make recommendations after we evaluated your specific niche, circumstances and business goals. Our aim is to offer you a cost effective solution…

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We LOVE local lead generation. In many instances the competitors in the local market is weak. They implement amateur online marketing strategies and to beat them is not hard at all.

You can absolutely dominate your local market when you know what to do. Imagine a year where you can’t keep up with all the leads coming your way. A year where the business is so good that you will have to expand in order to secure bigger market share.

We will show you…

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Never in the history of mankind have reputation management been so important as in the 21st century. Mankind is weird. We are willing to trust the reviews of people we don’t even know. We look for a 4 out of 5 star rating or higher. If a company is below that, we will not consider their services.

Like it or don’t like it – that’s the way it is.

If you have no ratings, then you are seen as an amateur business owner and this also invokes an emotion of distrust.

Through a clever reputation management process, we can help you to get better ratings that potential customers will love. There is also….

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Seo is such an abused term in today’s age. Every John and his Jane is claiming to be seo experts that can help you get to the top. To the top of what? Is the goal to get to the top or to get more business? How does the seo strategy link to the actual conversion of the client?

Seo needs to be measurable and data driven. We need to make sure that your seo efforts will pay off for years to come. There’s so much…

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Google my business (GMB) is an imperative, powerful tool in any business owners’ toolbox. GMB’s claim prime, Prime, PRIME online real estate.

If you have an optimized GMB that will fulfill the needs of the online user, then there’s a very good chance that they will phone you.

GMB’s are especially powerful when it comes to local lead generation. Do not ignore…

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We believe in offering value to our clients. We want to see you win. If you win, we win. Our aim is to show you results upfront so you can 1st make some money. Who else will offer you that?


Integrity is the corner stone of Leadpro. If we feel doing business with you will jeopardize our integrity, we will rather refer you to someone else. Integrity is non-negotiable.


Even if you are analytical and not naturally good at relationships, it still is crucial to long term success. We value that. That’s why our customer service is the BEST in the industry.

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