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Creating Value and Results For Our SEO Pretoria Clients

Although Leadpro serve clients internationally, we also have a strong seo Pretoria presence. We can help all kinds of clients who have a marketing budget.

We believe that the best form of marketing is when you can see EXACTLY what ROI you got from your marketing spend. Our aim is not only to get you visible online but also to help you see where you should focus your marketing budget. This is crucial for effective outreach.

If you want to rank your website in Pretoria then there are many means to do so. Effective backlinking implementation is crucial as well as well written content. You’ve got to make sure that your on-page seo is spot on so that Google can see what your business is about and on which keyword phrases you want to rank.

Leadpro list our SEO Pretoria Clients In the Google Map Pack

You will need to register your business for Google My Business in order to appear in the Google Map Pack. What’s the map pack? Let’s say you enter ‘plumber pretoria’ in the Google search engine, a listing will appear with 3 businesses in it as well as a map showing where these businesses are located. They usually appear right after the Google ads at the top of the page. These positions on the 1st page of Google are gold dust. So many clicks go to these listings.

Having your Google My Business listing optimized is crucial to have a chance of appearing in this pack. If you have good reviews showing on your listing as well, your chances of clicks just skyrocket.

Website Conversion Is Crucial For Our SEO Pretoria Clients

Remember, when people click on your advertisement, your Google My Business listing or on your organic ranking, they are entering your ‘online shop’ which is your website. Your website has got to be optimised to move your visitor to action. You want them to call you from your website or you want them to buy that product from your website. Your website represents your business. Make sure it does what it’s supposed to do – CONVERTING visitors to customers.

Too many people use their website as a PR tool. It is useless to have a website that looks nice but that does not CONVERT. Your website never sleeps, it never complains, it’s on 24 / 7. Use it’s potential to the fullest.

Why Leadpro?

Our seo services will include website optimisation. I’m not only talking about speed. I’m talking about landing pages on your website that leads your visitors into taking the action you desire them to take.

Leadpro seo is one of the best services you can ask for. We know what we do and we know how to get results. We are open, honest and transparent giving you true value for your money.

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