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Getting SEO Johannesburg Results That Matter

Johannesburg is the economic heart of Africa. It is a competitive market and our SEO Johannesburg clients know it. Lots of money are floating around in this city. Being the biggest city in South Africa there are tons of opportunities for business owners who successfully drive traffic and leads to their website.

Business owners with a mentality of growth and expansion will benefit in a big way from our seo company in Johannesburg.

Our company is grounded in solid seo and lead generation tactics that help entrepreneurs like you to not only grow, but to dominate your specific niche. Leadpro covers many areas in and around Johannesburg including Randburg, the Eastrand, the Westrand, Midrand, Germiston, Boksburg, Nigel, etc. If you only want to focus on one specific area, we can help you to become the top competitor in that area. If you want to dominate many areas, then we can help you do that.

Some SEO Johannesburg Clients Prefer More Than One Lead Generation Channel

Are you interested in immediate leads? Then our pay-per-click services may be better suited for you. Remember that with pay-per-click services like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, you will get immediate lead response as you can potentially rank right at the top with your advertisement from day 1. If your advertising expense is less than your income generated from these advertisements then you should push more money to your ad.

Why? Because it works. Remember that search engine optimisation is the process of ranking naturally. That does take more time and effort. What’s nice about this ranking though is that when you are ranked, you can stay ranked for a long time.

But any honest seo company in Johannesburg will also acknowledge that seo rankings can drop instantly. Google does constant updates to their algorithms.  These algorithms will check the overall quality of a website and why it is ranking. If they don’t like what they see, they will dump that website from the top spot to whatever page they deem fit. That can cause panic for a business owner when he or she has only relied on organic traffic for business. It’s risky – I’ll admit that.

Our SEO Johannesburg Clients Don’t Concern Themselves With The Google Updates

That’s why it is important to diversify your lead generation tactics and to incorporate pay-per-click mediums as well. Remember, these big companies want your money. So they don’t like it when people rank organically. But they are in a conundrum. They need to show their users what they are searching for otherwise they won’t use their search engines anymore. If people move away from their search engines then they won’t receive advertising income. That’s why it is CRUCIAL for Google and the likes to make sure their users get accurate search results.

So they can’t just go and penalize any site that is ranking. There must be a reason. But our Johannesburg clients don’t have to worry. Our seo services are top notch and we optimize our websites in such a way that Google algorithms will have a minimum effect on our client sites. Besides, being experts in pay-per-click advertising as well, gives our clients a HUGE competitive edge as they have the opportunity to rank on 4 different places on the 1st page of Google.

What? Yup, you heard right. We can potentially get you into 4 and in some cases even more position on Google’s 1st page.

That is HUGE!

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