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What is reputation management?

Reputation management is nothing more than positive branding.

In our online world today, it is essential to manage your online reputation. More and more potential clients will look at your online profile to see if you are business worthy.

They will determine whether they want to do business with you based on the amount of Google reviews you get, or Facebook likes you have and so on.

Like it or not, that’s the reality.

It is imperative to actively manage your online reputation especially when a dissatisfied customer leaves you a negative review. All you have to do is to respond to it.

If you don’t respond, online visitors by default will think that you were the guilty party.

If you do respond to a negative review it will show online visitors that you care about your company and that you are actively managing your business interests.

Companies with a large volume of positive reviews get way more interest online than companies who have weak reviews or no reviews at all.

Do you have an online reputation management strategy in place? If not, your competitors will snatch online business away from you that should have come your way.

Adopt an active online reputation strategy and you are setting yourself up for great success.

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Leadpro specializes in online reputation management strategies.

We will help you to set up an online review funnel where the weak reviews do not find a way to the actual Google reviews displayed. We funnel weak reviews out by taking the customer through a simple online form.

The customers that left a negative review can be followed up by client services personnel to help understand why the client had a bad experience and to see if they could rectify it.

However, the reviews of the clients that are positive can be displayed immediately without any risk to your business reputation.

Also remember that no amount of reputation management is going to help you if you apply unethical business practices.

You need to be honorable in your business ventures and then online reputation management will benefit you greatly.

Keep the following in mind when you want to build your company reputation:

1. Be trustworthy and respected. When you earn the trust and respect of your clients, they will be much more inclined to leave you a positive review.

2. Do not fear criticism. Your customers will have many different personalities and not everyone will have a positive experience about your product or service. Do not fear the criticism. Rather address it. Address it politely and professionally and other online users well then be able to read both sides of the story.

3. Be quick to respond. Do not wait for months to react to criticism or a negative review. Address it immediately and online visitors will see that you are current and care about your business.

4. Commit to absolute transparency. If you are honest and transparent in your business dealings people will start to trust you and more business will come your way. Transparency is key.

If you need help with your company reputation, then Leadpro can assist you with a professional strategy to boost your online reviews.

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