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Obtain High Quality Business Leads

Are you generating enough leads to keep your business running smoothly? Are your competitors snatching leads away from you, right in front of your eyes?

What is the use of having a website and not being able to convert visitors into lifelong customers?

Driving leads to your business is crucial in our ever evolving world of technology.

Those who do not adapt will die. But those who do adapt quickly and intelligently will absolute DOMINATE their respective markets.

Here at LeadPro we understand that the lifeblood of any business is sales.

With our advanced lead capturing systems, we can help you to become THE dominant player in your relevant niche.

That’s why we find great satisfaction in our lead management process.

We take great pride in helping small and medium enterprises get qualified leads that will help their businesses to grow.

Do you want to become the market leader in your industry? Great! Our aim is to make you the dominant player that all your other competitors need to be aware of.

Our specialist lead generation tactics will get you the results that you need to keep your business moving forward.

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Too many business owners waste their money on ineffective marketing and sales strategies. For instance, what is the use of printing fliers and handing them out? How will you know whether you have reached your target audience?

The reality is you won’t know. That money is wasted. You cannot measure your ROI. That is foolish advertising and a waste of marketing budget.

In the digital age we can create sniper, laser focused lead generation processes. This is essential as it will bring your cost per lead WAY DOWN.

Think of it this way. Let’s assume you are spending R25,000 on a newspaper advertisement. The reach of that advertisement is let’s say 1,000,000 people.

How would you know whether your target market is hungry for your offer? The reality is you won’t. You’re just throwing a dart in the dark. You’re hoping that someone will respond. You’re praying that something will stick.

Why do that? Why HOPE for sales when the data is available for us to create an effective lead capturing strategy where the user intent is to buy?

Learn how to capture the intent of search hungry and ready to buy users and your business will boom.

Marketing Examples To Drive Leads To Business

Let’s take that same R25,000 and rather apply it on a pay-per-click advertising campaign. PS – There are many other types of marketing that can be done with this R25,000 but for simplicity sake, let’s only focus on pay-per-click.

Now think about it. When someone sits in front of their computer and type into the search engine: ‘Buy leather handbag’ or ‘emergency plumber near me’ or ‘best tire specials’. Would you agree that this person, typing in these keywords are doing so with buyer intent?

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to show your advertisement ONLY to them as and when they are looking for your product or service?

Heck, you won’t even pay when the advertisement shows. Your marketing budget only kicks in when the user clicks on your ad. In other words, when they ‘enter your online shop.’

There is no other advertising media that puts that much power in the hands of a business owner. Zero, zilch, nada, NONE!

And that’s why a small portion of companies in any specific niche will always dominate that niche – because they understand this concept.

What would you say is better? Spending R25,000 on a paper ad that reaches 1,000,000 but brings in let’s say 20 leads (of whom you are not even sure if they responded due to the add).

Or, spending R25,000 on a targeted pay-per-click campaign that only shows your add to hot, ‘ready to buy now’ customers?

Oh, and in the process you land 100 leads that brings in R125,000 in business. Now, all of a sudden you can see that you have a 1:5 ROI.

It doesn’t have to be hard

Not only that but through advanced split testing you know which ads work. Now you can drive more marketing budget to that what works getting even better ROI.

business deal due to lead that was captured by the business owner

Driving qualified leads to any business is actually very simple. It’s hard work and will require some money but so what? All businesses have expenses right?

And if your marketing expense is paying your other business expenses and helping your business to grow, then you should spend MORE on that specific marketing strategy. Not less.

Here at Leadpro we specialise in targeted lead generation that will take your business from kitten to tiger status.

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Business Leads in South Africa

“Doesn’t this stuff only work overseas?” I hear you say. “I mean, this is Africa boet. Yeah, I can see this work in a 1st world country, but Africa?”.

You bet Mr / Mrs business owner! This ‘stuff’ works – EVERYWHERE! Disclaimer: You need internet (Duh!).

We have moved and are moving from industrialization to globalization. It’s a HUGE shift towards the information age.

Regardless of age, race and social economic circumstances, users have come to know the power of the internet.

And we also know that South Africa has a 1st world economy within a 3rd world economy. This is especially true of business owners.

If you are a professional like a financial advisor or doctor or lawyer looking to target business owners, then know that a lot of their businesses (those in the top 10% – i.e. those you want as clients) are derived from having an online presence. If they are online, then so should you be.

The leads are online

If you are a painter or a home renovator, then be assured that the prospects with money will look for you online. And if you can’t be found online, then sorry – you lost the business. You didn’t even get a chance to pitch.

You may be doing a 10x better job that Joe Blogs down the road, but because Joe Blogs claimed the top spot on page 1 in Google and because he could be found on Google Maps and because he has 27 reviews with a 4.8 star rating – HE, instead of YOU got the business.

That should not be the case. Those leads should come to YOUR business. That’s why it is imperative to occupy the top online positions where it matters.

Getting qualified business leads in South Africa is not that hard. What is hard is finding a company who specialize in online media and who actually deliver you the results.

Luckily for you, you are reading a page of such a company.

Let Leadpro partner with you to become the dominant competitor in your niche. If you don’t your competitor might. That would be a shame!

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