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Advanced Lead Generation Tactics

So why is it that business owners struggle with lead generation? In our experience, we would attribute the following factors to the inability to acquire qualified business leads.

A website that sucks:

We’ve seen some shockers. Sorry, I have to be honest about this. Now, you might say: ‘No way Hosey. I have a beautiful looking website.’ Ok, it’s beautiful. But why don’t you get the qualified leads? Because there is no powerful call to conversion. Most websites are just business cards. It’s great for PR… and that’s it. It gives info and nothing more. Your website is supposed to convert visitors into leads. In other words, you need a lead or sales funnel on your website.

Sales and lead funnels are some of THE BEST marketing automation strategies that you can implement. Few however, know how to effectively implement such a funnel. The don’t know how to create the golden goose who lays the golden eggs. So make sure that you speak to a qualified sales and lead funnel expert who can help you implement an automated sales and lead capture magnet on your website. Make your website a 24 7 sales magnet. Let it work for you, around the clock.

Ignoring core SEO principles:

If you still believe that SEO is a myth and not that effective, then you will probably join the 90% of business owners who are struggling to get business. The other 10% have figured it out. They will sweep away almost all your potential clients. They fill their pockets with cash while you struggle with newspaper adds, not understanding why you’re not getting extra business. SEO works! Search engines like Google has positioned themselves as dominant leaders to help people find what they are looking for.

When you rank number 1 for a variety of keywords (i.e. you’re placing yourself infront of demand), you will drive qualified online visitors to your website. Various studies show that the top position in Google gets around 35% of clicks. Let’s assume that a keyword that is relevant to your business gets searched 5,000 times on average in Google. If you rank nr 1, then you will get approximately 1,500 clicks (30%) per month. If you can convert 2% of those clicks you have 30 new customers per month. Yes my friend, that’s the power of quality organic traffic. Here at Leadpro our aim is to get far more than 30% of the clicks. That means, a lot more business for you. Add to that specialized local SEO and you have an even bigger winner.

What is local SEO?

In short, it’s the businesses that pop up in the Google maps area and the websites that rank when people search for something like ‘painter + city’ e.g. ‘painter pretoria’. Up to 70% of clicks go to businesses that claim the top spot in the Google map pack. Worth going for it? You bet!

Ignoring Pay Per Click:

The quickest way to acquire business leads is by using pay-per-click online advertising. All major online media channels offer this. That’s where Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. make their money. They want you to make use of their platforms for advertising purposes. For lead generation purposes, these platforms are GREAT! Now, it is crucial to use the right platform for your product or service. An emergency plumber is going to see much better results on Google Adwords than on LinkedIn for example.

But if you’re using a pay-per-click platform it is very possible to get good results on even ultra competitive niches like life insurance or mortgage quotes, etc. If you want quick wins and don’t mind to spend a little, then pay-per-click is the way to go. We are willing to give prospective clients a 2 week trial where we will not charge for our services. We are BIG proponents of upfront value.

If we can initially make you money without charging for it, the we have proven to you that we can deliver. And when we have your trust, then hopefully we can enter a mutually beneficial relationship where we play an integral role in driving business to you whilst ourselves also being remunerated. It’s a win-win situation.

And if you don’t want to continue after 2 weeks then that’s also fine. It won’t be due to lack of results though. That we can assure you. We’ll just walk down the road to the competitor and make them the dominant player in your market ?. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. Not after you have seen what we can do for you.

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Lead Generation Companies

Driving qualified, ready to purchase leads to your business is a crucial functionality for a lead generation company. In order to drive leads effectively to your business, you would want to do it at the lowest possible price in order to maximize your profit.

In order to do that, you have 3 choices.

Do it yourself.

This will be the cheapest in terms of Rands and cents. But what is the opportunity cost for you by spending 100’s of hours trying to figure out what the best strategies are in your Google ads campaign? Or how do I lower my cost per click? Or how do I better my Google ads quality score? Or how do I effectively target prospects in my Facebook campaign? Don’t get distracted. Focus on that what you are good at and let a professional company look after your marketing needs.

Hire a specialist lead generation company.

The beauty of hiring a specialist lead generation agency is that you won’t have to worry about learning a whole new skill. And believe me, this is a skill where only the advanced and dedicated companies survive. After all, there’s only so many Nr 1 spots in Google ?. Working with a lead generation agency also don’t put you under labor law pressure. It’s a contract position and if you don’t like the results, you can fire them.

Employ someone to do this.

employment nightmare

Yip, that’s a possibility but realize that you will need to invest heavily into that person in order to be trained up properly in the online and digital lead generation field. I’m talking hundreds of thousands of Rands. And then of course this person will have to be paid a monthly salary and you will be subject to labour law restrictions.

The Nr 2 option just makes so much sense doesn’t it? Let me ask you this… Does it make more sense to take 100% of a small piece of the pie or 80% of a much bigger pie? Ok, ok – bit difficult to put yourself out there without numbers. Let’s say 100% of R1,000,000 per annum or 80% of R5,000,000 per annum? You do the math. The bottom line is, businesses that work with online advertising professionals increase their sales in multiples while those who don’t stagnate and in many cases die.

When You Have Leads, You Have Money!

I love the saying: ‘Don’t chase squirrels, chase the elephants’. Yes, there is a cost to growth. But compare the cost to the potential growth. Taking a smaller piece of a much bigger pie (the elephant) is much more lucrative than trying to do everything on your own.

Now you do get business owners who complain about spending Rx for R5x return. If someone can offer me R2x, R3x, R5x, R10x the return on my marketing budget, you know what I would do? I would try and see where can I cut other expenses in order to allocate more money to effective marketing that brings in the business.

And I know you do to – because you’re part of the 10% that get’s it right? That’s why YOUR business will become the dominant player in the market. Those who reject this simple message will continue to fight for the scraps at the bottom of the barrell for the rest of their lives. Because ‘What value can a lead generation company really bring?’. Only fools, sorry LOSERS reason like that. It’s absurd! It’s stupid and that kind of reasoning proves why they are struggling and will continue to struggle. Sorry, I’m ranting…

Bottom Line

Bottom line is this – Leadpro will get you results. We will come and have a look at your company and what you are trying to achieve. And in almost all of the cases, we would be able to drive qualified leads to your business that will make a massive contribution to your bottom line.

Don’t wait until the marketing budget gets approved to chat. The time is now! Take action! Let’s get the ball rolling and let’s get your business some new customers!

Looking forward to hear from you.

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