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GMB’s – The Hidden Gem

Google My Business (also known as GMB) is a phenomenal feature that Google added for local businesses. When you have added your business profile to the Google My Business platform, your business has the potential to appear on Google Maps (also known as the 3 pack or the map pack). See below for an example.

Many people doing an online search will contact businesses directly from the map pack. They don’t even bother clicking through to the business website. That’s why GMB optimization is imperative. By appearing in the map pack, you will scoop up those clients who never intended clicking through to a website. It’s a double win.

In Google My Business listings you can showcase all the features of your business so that clients can understand what service or product you are offering.

Optimising Your Google My Business Listing

Part of your GMB optimization process involves the need to complete your GMB listing in full. Make sure that you add your business name, your location, your hours and make extra sure that you reply to customer reviews. That means that you need to be active in your GMB profile. Online reviews can make or break a deal for you.

If people give you a good review, thank them. It shows other visitors that you are engaging and active and it will encourage even more people to give you a positive review. If you get a bad review, then don’t go into panic mode. Just deal with the issue ONLINE. Visitors need to SEE your response. If it was a fault on your side, admit it and commit to rectify the issue. People who read your response will see that you are real and responsive.

This ads tremedous credibility to your business. If the fault was on the client side, just explain the issue politely online. Never get personal with a someone who left a bad review. It’s unprofessional and will hurt your online reputation. The majority of people will see your response and loves it when business owners deal with difficult customers in a professional manner. It will increase your positive reviews and will entice people to get in contact with you.

Believe me, it works!

Google My Business Listing

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Photos of your office space help online visitors to get an idea of what your business looks like. Get as many different interior and exterior angles of your business as you can. Get photo shoots of personnel at work and even shoot a short video. Mobile phones today are more than sufficient for this task. It does not have to be a top notch, pro photo shoot. All you want is for people to see what you look like. Adding these photo’s and videos will also please the Google algorithm that will assist your business to rank in the Google Map Pack.

It is also essential to get your business listed on various directories. What is crucial though is that the address of your business as well as your phone number as well as your business name, known as the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number), is identical to those details listed on Google. If these details are not identical then Google will get confused as to what your address actual is and your business will not rank into the map pack.

Google My Business Rankings Correlation With Organic Rankings

There is also a strong correlation between your website organic rankings and your rankings in the map pack. So, if you have a strong seo strategy in place your chances of ranking in the map pack increases significantly.

You will find that people who do local searches like ‘Architects Pretoria’ or ‘Dentist Sydney’ or ‘Plumber New York’ have high commercial intent. In other words, their intent is to do business. These are the kind of people you want to get connected with. These are the kind of people that will bring in more profit. This is the reason you need to rank in the 3 Pack. A study that was done by HubSpot proved that 1 in 2 people who did a local search ended up visiting that store or they were calling a service orientated business the same day.

The reality is that businesses that rank in the Google Map Pack get more leads due to the intent of the user search.

Let’s get together and strategize how to get your business into the Map Pack.

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