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Advanced SEO Services, Google Advertising Campaigns and Lead Generation Tactics

Let’s face it. Competition is tough. More and more people are entering your market and the piece of the pie is not getting bigger. It takes harder work to get less scraps.

That’s the truth of the majority. But there’s a minority who just seem to figure it out. They seem to get a huge portion of your business, with very little effort. They don’t seem stressed. They don’t seem worried about where the next client will come from. They have this quiet confidence and you would like to know what THEY know, right?

Their secret isn’t really a secret at all. The only secret they have is that they are brave enough to adapt to the demands of the modern world.

They know how to position themselves in front of people who are already looking for their services. They know where to go where the demand ALREADY IS and how to tap into that demand.

It’s not rocket science. But you need to be willing to learn. You need to understand that if you want to become one of the dominant players in your niche, you need to let go of traditional, main stream marketing strategies that give poor ROI (Return on Investment).

Isn’t that what it boils down to – ROI? If you give someone R20,000 to grow your business, what are you getting back? R40,000, R60,000, R200,000? I can assure you, your competitors that take the cream at the top, don’t use paper ads, or magazine ads or other traditional print media. They have figured out how to give someone R10,000, R20,000, R50,000 who will turn it into R100,000, R200,000 or R500,000 plus.

They’re ONLINE and they know HOW to get ROI online. Many people are online and get ziltz in terms of ROI. Why? Because they have no idea how to create an online funnel.

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I meet so many lawyers, dentists, electricians, architects, etc of people who tell me – ‘I tried Google or Facebook but just wasted my money. No one phoned.’

Well, I’m not surprised. If you’re a lawyer or a dentist or a pediatrician or a fund manager, then why do you think you’re going to get great results with amateur marketing tactics? Leave the marketing strategies to the marketing specialists. If they don’t perform, fire them! It’s that easy. But stop wasting valuable marketing budget by trying to figure something out, you probably won’t get right anyway.

The reason why your competitors are do better than you is because they have a SEO company who knows how to funnel traffic through their website. Or they have a PPC campaign on Google or Facebook and channel that targeted paid traffic through a very specific marketing channel in order to convert their online visitors into long term clients. Or maybe they have a rock-solid Google My Business strategy with good reviews that is click heaven.

Fact is, in your industry, there’s loads of money on the table ready for the pickings. Someone’s going to pick it, might just as well be you.

Apply Online Lead Generation Tactics Like a Pro

I regularly see industries where the online competition is nonexistent. It is so easy to penetrate that market and to own that market share. But you got to be clever. You have to have some marketing savvy. And you definitely DO NOT want to follow the crowd. The crowd gets annihilated. Why is that? They hold on to the known. Even if it doesn’t work anymore, they keep on doing it.

We operate differently. We don’t hold on to the known. We explore the data and focus on that what works. It’s different for every client. Every niche has got a different approach. We think outside the box. We implement techniques that few know about. We make sure that our clients dominate.

This is not your typical SEO, PPC, GMB, Web design blah blah boring sales pitch.

We implement cutting edge tactics. Tactics your competitors will take a long time to figure out. And when they do, IF they do at all, then it will be too late. Your brand, your product, your service, YOUR BUSINESS will OWN the market share. You will be THE sought after provider of that item or service. Not your competitor.

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What are the costs you may ask? I’m not going to answer that, as that is a silly question. Let me ask you a question.

What is the cost to you if you don’t dive in? Are you going to keep on fighting for the scraps for the rest of your life? Or are you going to decide to dominate?!

Cost should also be evaluated on ROI. If you pay R1,000,000 for a marketing campaign but get R3,000,000 back which is directly related to that campaign, is that a good investment?

If you say no to the above question, kindly move on. We can only work with business orientated mindsets. Mindsets that understand the principle of “I need to invest in order to see return”.

If that’s you, then we can talk. Then there’s opportunity for both of us.

Oh, and so by the way – we’re not going to charge you R1,000,000. Unless you are a national chain with 100’s of shops.

Where does all this leave you?

You need to make a decision. You need to decide how you want to go about future business. Worry every month about your pipeline business? Or partner with a company who keeps your pipeline full?

We only work with one company in any given niche in a city or town. If we work with a dentist or a lawyer or a plumber or whoever in a certain region, then that’s it. He or she is going to get the spoils. They WILL dominate. We’ll make sure of that.

What about you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a pipeline full of continuous business?
  • Am I willing to invest in order to see a positive ROI? (PS – If you don’t see it after the 1st month, you can fire us).
  • Do I have capacity to handle a huge influx of business queries?
  • Am I interested in becoming the main competitor in my niche in my city, town or nation?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to these questions, then we can consider you. But before an agreement is reached, we also need to ask a few questions for ourselves:

  • Do we feel you’re a good match for us? We won’t partner with just anybody. If we feel you’re not a good match, then we won’t take you on.
  • Can we actually help you? We will only consider your business if we know we can make a significant positive impact to your revenue. If we are unsure, we’ll pass.
  • Do you have the mindset to win in your game? We can do the best possible marketing campaign for you, however, if you don’t have a winner’s mindset, you won’t be successful in business. We want to work with people who can close deals, who are hungry for more business and who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to increase their market share.

If the above boxes are ticked, then yes, let’s talk.

Our specialist online marketing strategies will make a significant impact in your business.

The time to act is now!

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